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The text below is the introduction to a recent publication of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studied of the EUI on a topic which is discussed both at academic and political level. This publication is a modest contribution to the debate on this subject.



The workshop organised by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced studies (RSCAS) on 24 April 2015, is part of a joint research project of the European Parliament and European University Institute (EUI), on the History of Budgetary Powers: Institutional conflicts and achievements.


This workshop follows the approach of the RSCAS, offering a platform for policy reflections between academics and practitioners. Its aim is not to give policy advice, but to stimulate an open discussion on the problems of the EU’s own resources problems, which have not only an economic but also an important institutional dimension.


On this occasion the experts all had an in-depth knowledge of the problems of the EU budget and its financing from different angles.

The topic of EU own resources is high on the European agenda after the European Council agreed with the European Parliament’s proposal to set up a High Level Group on own resources (HLGOR) with the aim to assess the situation and eventually to present proposals by the end of 2016. The HLGOR is chaired by Mario Monti and composed of independent Members appointed by the three Institutions.


This workshop was organised after the presentation of the first assessment report of the HLGOR and before the discussion with National Parliaments and the presentation of proposals of the High Level Group. The EUI had the privilege of the participation of, amongst others, two of the main components of the High Level Group, its chair, Mario Monti and MEP, Alain Lamassoure.


The workshop benefitted also from the contributions of discussants, including Michael Bauer, Giacomo Benedetto, Jorge Nunez, Carlos Closa, Gregory Claeys as well as the contribution of some European Parliament Members, Former Members of the European Parliament and of the Court of Auditors: as Alain Lamassoure, James Elles, Monica Frassoni and Milan Cvikl. Their contributions have enriched the debates and are reflected in the various chapters.


This publication, gathers the contributions of the various participants and we hope that it reflects the vivacity of the debates held at the EUI and can possibly constitute a reference for those who wish to further their knowledge on this matter.


Brigid Laffan, Alfredo De Feo,

Director RSCAS Fellow at the RSCAS


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